Structure of the UNESKO-UNEVOK Center in the Russian Federation on the basis of the Bashkir institute of social technologies:

The activity of UNESKO-UNEVOK Center is multifaceted and diverse that’s why we needed to originate the structure which helps us to reach the creation of the professional technical education model that could meet the requirements of economy in the conditions of the globalization and could be able to form the culture of the peace as general system of values at youth taking into account the best domestic and foreign experience, with help of further association of educational potential and opportunities of social cooperation with government institutions, public organizations and business community within the uniform platform of a higher educational institution on the basis of cluster approach.

At the first stage the educational cluster was built:

Educational cluster

At the second stage the participants of the cluster were defined:

And finally the realization of concrete actions allowed to specify the structure of the ­UNESKO-UNEVOK Center:

Structure of the ­UNESKO-UNEVOK Center

Each Agency has their own mission but together they solve the general problem of the Center — formation of a civic stand of youth, their social responsibility through the concrete practical activities directed to preservation and development of personnel potential for the social and economic sphere. Each agency takes part in the promotion of professional education.