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A new project “Green Skills for You” has been designed

Unevok Center in the Russian Federation on the basis of the Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies took part in the competition “Moving to Action through Collaborative Capacity Development”. Our project is called “Green Skills for You”.

 The following activities are planned within the framework of the project:

1. Organization and holding of the Youth Camp “Green Team”:

2. A specialized website “Green Skills for You”  development and maintenance;

3. Holding “ECOPRODUCTION” webinars;

4. Сreation of the info channel for educational organizations «Green kode». The “Green Schools in Russia” interactive maps’ development. Organization and holding of the Forum “Green Mentors for TVET”

5. Organization of the exhibition  “Green skills”;

6.  Development of a training manual “Green Skills for You” .

We are waiting for the decision of the UNESCO-UNEVOK Centre

Proffest – Festival of popular trades

September 17-18, our institute took part in the festival of popular professions “Proffest-2019”. It’s the unique project which is realized  under the project “Obrazovanie”. It was initiated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The event is supported by the Head of  Republic Administration, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Administration of the urban district of the city of Ufa, the Union of Employers of Bashkortostan Republic.

The target audience of this event – the high school pupils, specialized secondary schools and students in higher education, their parents, as well as leading enterprises of the republic, teachers of  middle school and higher education. In total, in two days the event is visited by more than 16 thousand students.

We presented the Training Centre and voluntary certification of nannies which is the only one in the region, our laboratories. There were a lot of people wishing to visit our section: visitors (and these are mainly future applicants) not only could see and evaluate our equipment but also try to take fingerprints, determine the authenticity of a banknote, take part in the investigation of the “crime”, “to give help” mannequin and much more.

We thank our teachers, employees and, of course, our students: Darya Ryabchuk, Taisia Abdo, William Imaev, Marsel Valeev and Edward Faizullin – for their active assistance in conducting the event. Everything went perfectly! Judging by the reviews of parents, teachers and the youngest participants themselves. Our next open day promises to be more crowded.

UNESCO-UNEVOC UNESCO-YUNEVOK holds its annual photo contest

July 15 UNESCO -UNEVOC celebrates The World Youth Skills Day.

The UNEVOC Centre in BIST invites all of the students from colleges and universities to participate in annual photo contest which is organized by UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action.

Conditions of the competition:

If you are an experienced photographer and would like to join to celebrate it this year do not miss your chance to participate in photo contest UNESCO -UNEVOC  #SkillsinAction!  This contest is organized as part of the activities of the UNESCO -UNEVOC  International Center in 2019 on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day.

The photo contest “Skills in Action” reflects as a technical as professional education and and also:

1. Encourages youth employment and entrepreneurship

2. TVET promotion for everyone

3. Facilitating the transition to green, self-sufficient societies

4. Promoting information and communication technology (ICT) and digital skills Persons over 18 years of age and photo / recording copyrighted are invited to participate.

The competition is held in two stages:

Regional – until July 10, 2019.

International – until July 15, 2019

According to the results of the competition, three winners of the #SkillsInAction photo contest will receive cash prizes and the first prize winner will have the opportunity to attend the European Professional Skills Week organized by the European Commission in Helsinki, Finland.

Participants can submit several works (but no more than 3) Submitted photographs must be taken personally by the author and cannot be borrowed from external sources. Send your photos for selection at the regional stage before July 10, 2019 to with an apply “Photo Context UNEVOC”.

Additional information and materials will be posted on the WYSD 2019 website as they appear.

Video message from Dr. Shyamal Majumdar, Head of UNESCO –UNEVOC  will be available for download on the WYSD page in June, 2019.

In UNEVOC Centre passed the final of the project management championship

April 30, 2019 in Ufa, at the UNEVOC Center in the Russian Federation on the base of Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies I National Championship in project management IPMAYoungCrew of Russia ended.

The organizers of the championship are Baskir Institute of Social Technologies (the branch of) The Academy of Labour and Social Relations – The Unevok Centre in Russian Federation, Youth Public Chamber under the Council of the city district the city of Ufa, Bashkortostan Republic, the Project Management Association “SOVNET” Regional Youth Team in project management IPMA Young Crew  SOVNET Bashkortostan.

Championship held among the students of full-time education under the age of 35 and became the qualifying stage for the international championship IPMAYoungCrew.  The main goal of the championship is to stimulate students literacy, learning best practices and international exchange of experience in ptoject management.

In the final of the qualifying stage for the international championship IPMAYoungCrew 5 teams met from 4 Russian Cities: Yaroslavl, Chelyabinsk, Moscow and Ufa.

Our city was represented by students of Ufa State Aviation Technical University and Ufa State Oil Technical University. According to the results of the Championship, the team of Yaroslavl State University named after Demidov become the winner. It was this team that got the right to represent Russia in the International Final which will pass in Germany.

ILO celebrates 100th anniversary

As part of the events dedicated to the anniversary on the official website of the International Labor Organization published the interactive history of the organization. Nine chapters of historical photo- , video- and audioblocks
supplemented by interesting facts and predictions for the future

Summed up the IPMA Young Crew Project Management Championship 2019

Based on qualifications for the Final of the First National Championship of Russia in project management – the National final IPMA[1] Young Crew Project Management Championship 2019 teams from Ufa State Petroleum Technical University (Ufa), Yaroslavl State University. Named after P.G. Demidov, (Yaroslavl), National Research South Ural University (Chelyabinsk) and Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow).

Finalists will compete for the main prize – the right to represent Russia at the international finals which will pass in Germany this year from May 31 to June 02.

The main sponsor of the participation of the team from Russia in the international final – the National Association of Project Management SOVNET.

Teams from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Serbia and Iran will take part in the international finals. The National Final will take place in Ufa Unevoc Centre on April 30 based on the UNEVOC Center  – Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies (the branch of) The Academy of Labour and Social Relations. Teams will be asked to solve practical case from the partner company of the championship JSC “Bashkir Electric Grid Company” (winner of the most prestigious competition in Russia in project management The Olimp Project – 2018.

International round table: discussing green technologies

March 20, 2019 at our institute – the Unevoc Centre in Russian Federation an international roundtable was held, dedicated to the discussion of environmental issues and urban environment “Green Territory Infrastructure: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow”. The meeting discussed so relevant for urban environment as the role of green spaces in shaping the landscape and aesthetics of urban spaces, ecology of big cities and landscape industry, preservation and development of recreational and park areas urban forests; green infrastructure innovation, landscaping system reconstruction and reconstruction of lost natural and green landscapes, urban areas environmental education and intersectoral collaboration system. Led the meeting Tanzilya Altafovna Nigmatullina, our director, deputy of the Council of the urban district of the city of Ufa of Bashcortostan Republic, Doctor of Political Science.

And Filyus Flyurovich Yakhin, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, History, theories of state and law of BIST, member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russian Federation, Candidate of Juridical Sciences.

The discussion was productive, and that’s clear: experts that came to the meeting – professionals of their deals people rooting for our ecology, for creating favorable living conditions for all so that we are surrounded by greenery, parks, squares, arboretums. Among them Rufina Alikovna Shagapova, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Assembly – Kurultai of Bashkortostan Republic on agricultural issues, ecology and nature management, member of the central council, vice-chairman of Russian Ecology Green Party, deputy of the city council of Ufa Tagir Nailevich Safiullin as well as an assistant to the first vice-president of the Council Yurii Yurievich Kiselev and representatives of ministries and departments public authorities of the Russian Federation representatives of environmentally responsible enterprises and organizations, the scientific community, public organizations.

The issues raised for discussion are relevant to the entire global community.

His experience and successful practices with participants shared Gui Imz, Chairman of the Green Building Council (RuGBC), Great Britain, Kasymov Bulat Sericzhanovich, Member of the Presidium of the International Association of Islamic Business in Kazakhstan on the development of innovation and green technology, entrepreneur, founder of ECODOS engineering non-commercial “Eurasian Fund of Innovation Development” and Yusupov Ilgiz Iranovich, the advisor of International Association of Islamic Business in Turkey.

Our students did not stand aside. The environmental issues in Sibay, garden status, new in legislation in the framework of the subject under discussion and so on – all substantive replies were received.

It sounded a lot interesting proposals: hold a competition between enterprises of Ufa, apartment buildings, for example, who will plant more trees, attract large companies and people generally participate in the development of green infrastructure,  step up environmental construction in general (this experience is widespread abroad) and others. The main thing is to increase interest and citizen participation in solving environmental problems and urban greening.

UNEVOC centre to become a regional centre for project management

On March 14, 2019, a bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between the UNEVOC Center and the Partner Center of the international certification body IMQ. Subject of the agreement: development of the UNEVOC center as a center of competence in the field of system management and project management in the system of higher and secondary vocational education in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Following the signing of the agreement, it was decided to jointly hold the First National Russian Project Management Championship IPMA Young Crew.

March webinar with the European colleagues and regional coordinators

On march 12 BIST held another working webinar on the Torino process with the colleagues joining from Moscow and Tula.

Our coordinator Tanzilya Nigmatullina informed our European colleagues about the measures undertaken to prepare the information for the report on the state of vocational education and training in our region, further plans and events aimed at implementing Torino process in the Republic of Bashkortostan. We also shared the new website created about the Torino process in our region that our institute is using to accumulate all the materials available to us, including guidelines, previous regional and country reports, and official forms and indicators, and ultimately share our updates.

Our European curators took interest in our endeavors and offered to send us the most current materials and technologies. Our next online meeting will take place in April, we are looking forward to sharing some preliminary results soon.  

Another webinar on Torino process

February 13, 2019, BIST participated in yet another webinar with coordinators and participants of the Torino process. Online we discussed our progress working on the project with the representatives of Tver’ State University, Almetyevsk State Oil Institute and other colleagues from Izhevsk and Belgorod. Franca Crestani, the coorditnator of the Torino process in Russia, answered all the participats’ questions.

Tanzilya Nigmatullina, head of the UNEVOC center and the coordinator of the Torino process in the Republic of Bashkortostan, informed the experts from of the European Training Foundation of the first reports on the implementation of the process and preparation of the regional report, which will have to be submitted to the ETF in June 2019.

Preparing such a report is not going to be straigtforward. we need to gather local reports and interpret statistical parameters that describe the condition and developmental trends of professional education in our republic. Currently, work team for the Torino process at BIST developed a roadmap and started gathering the necessary data to prepare the report in a timely manner.